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How to Increase Your Credit Score with Tradelines

Every measure counts when you need to raise your credit score. Timely payments and responsible use of credit cards are important steps that help build a good credit history. But you can also utilize tradelines to improve your credit history and score quite significantly. What are Tradelines? A tradeline is any account that you use […]

Bad Credit Refinance

Refinance/Bad Credit If you have bad credit, you probably realize the worst by-product of it all is that you can’t get a low interest rate when you want to refinance or apply for a mortgage. Refinancing when the rates are low is an ideal way to lower your payments on your mortgage. However, that can […]

Fix Credit Reports – Proven Ways to Raise Your Credit Report Fast

Credit is king in this universe, so here are few less thought of, and perhaps even unconventional ways to see a positive turn-around in your credit score relatively quickly. 1.  Get a credit card It sounds silly but using and paying off credit cards regularly is one of the best ways to get your credit […]

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